In order to give your child a positive experience in our office, we are selective in our use of words.  We avoid words that might worry the child due to previous experiences.  Please support us by not using negative words.  Use positive words when talking about your child’s appointment.

shot cold sprayer or sleepy juice
needle cold sprayer tip
medicine juice
drill whistle
drill on teeth clean the tooth, chase away sugar bugs
pull a tooth wiggle a tooth
decay, cavity sugar bug
examination count teeth
tooth cleaning tickle the teeth
dental pick(explorer) tooth counter
rubber dam rain coat
Isolite(instead of rubber dam) squishy fish
gas magic air, happy air, laughing air
suction straw
water/air sprayer squirt gun

This will also help you understand our terminology when using our behavior guidance technique of “tell, show, do” with your child during the appointment.

Our intention is not to “fool” the child, but rather to create an experience that is positive.  We appreciate your help!

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