Welcome to our practice!

At Walla Walla Pediatric Dentistry, we understand that the first visit can be intimidating for the little one and even the parent! The following is important information for a successful first visit for our new patients of any age.
We look forward to ensuring your child’s superior dental health for years to come!

  • Our goal is to help children learn to trust the dentist and feel comfortable in the dental office from a very young age so they can be happy dental patients throughout their lifetime.
  • Children appreciate having a parent with them during any appointment. We encourage parents to remain with their child for all procedures.  Your role as a positive, yet silent observer will allow your child to create a rapport with Dr. Stacey and her team.
  • A positive attitude is vital in preparing your child for a great visit.  It is good to tell him/her about the upcoming visit, but also important to not “over-prepare.”  If you are unsure how to answer a question, it is best not to make up an answer.  Telling your child, “I don’t know, we will have to ask the dentist about that,” is always a safe way to respond.
  • Please complete the New Patient Forms before your first visit so we can maximize your time with us.
  • Bring all of your questions and concerns to our attention during this visit.
  • Bring all insurance information to your visit.
  • Read New Patient Terminology.
  • The first appointment will last approximately 45 minutes.  It will consist of :
    • A review of your child’s medical history and any past dental experiences
    • A comprehensive dental examination
    • Dental radiographs, if appropriate
    • Customized anticipatory guidance
    • Dental prophylaxis
    • Fluoride application.
  • The information gathered during this visit will allow Dr. Stacey to recommend the best options for your child’s future dental health and care.

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